East Kimberley College Leadership Team

Learne Dunne
Cameron Ross
Associate Principal (Secondary)
Cameron Ross
Associate Principal (Primary)
Michelle McKittrick

Deputy Principal (Primary): Sara Smith (Kindergarten to Year 2)

Deputy Principal (Primary): Erin Whiticker (Years 3 to 6)

Deputy Principal (Secondary): Kellie Mandin (Years 7 to 9)

Deputy Principal (Secondary):  Tristan Abbott (Year’s 10 to 12 & VET)

Senior School Coordinator: Kellie Jackson (Year’s 11/12)

Student Services Program Coordinator: Nicole Atkinson (Secondary) & Maree Heidke (Primary)

Chaplain: Kim Moore

Lead Psychologist: Kathryn Kirchner
School Psychologists:
Eve Power and Melissah Adams

Head of Mathematics & Science: Leanne Ensly
Head of Humanities & English: Lisa Clark

Our Primary Teaching Staff are:

KindiLink (Child & Parent Centre): Eliza Allen

Kindy Geckoes: Lisa McArthur

Kindy (2): Toni Rathe

Pre-Primary (ECE 6): Georgia McGee

Pre-Primary (ECE 7): Danielle Boyd

Pre-Primary (ECE 8): Amy Armitage

Year 1 (Room 1): Andrea Henriques

Year 1 (Room 3): Brittany Koh

Year 1 (Room 4): Natasha Crabbe

Year 2 (Room 5): Laura Crellin

Year 3 (Room 13): Jane Lowe

Year 2 (Room 7): Megan Walters

Year 2 (Room 8): Amy Unsworth & Bec Faricy

Year 3 (Room 12): Perin Faulkner

Year 3 (Room 14): Scott Walker

Year 1/2/3 Engagement (Room 6): Jessica Evers

Year 4 (Room 11): Shani Maddison

Year 4 (Room 15): Jeanette Ishiguchi

Year 4 (Room 22): Julie Walker

Year 5 (Room 16): Lauren Moore

Year 5 (Room 18): Courtney McFarlane

Year 5/6 (Room 21): Shanae Berry

Year 6 (Room 20): Shannon Thorley

Year 6 (Room 19): Jordan Pember

Learning Support Coordinator (K-12): TBA

Curriculum Coordinator: Megan McIntyre

Science (Primary): Kyna Cookson & Annabel Graham

Music: Matilda Kehl

Art: Paige Tolhurst

LOTE (Auslan): TBA

Physical Education: Brad Pedrotti

Digital Technologies:

Pre-Primary DOTT: Blanche Egerton-Warburton

PEAC: Anna Weier

Our Secondary teaching staff are:

Media: Martyn Withnell

IMMS Music: Ed MacNeill

Art: Jaime Vidler

Career Practitioner: Evonne Brown

English: Lisa Clark (HOLA), Darcy Robinson & Natalie Whiteside

English/HaSS: Kerry Dexter

Health & Physical Education: Peter Treeby, Amelia Sherry, Rhodes Boyce

Mathematics: Leanne Ensly (HOLA), Victoria Pantos, Christina Petit, Angus Gillespie

Science: Leanne Ensly (HOLA), Jo Cooney, Lauren Ford, Jasmine English

HASS: Leanne Tollis & Thomas Kelleher

Home Economics: Libuse Dessert

Digital Technologies:

Design & Technology: Paul Cunningham

KEFL: Peter Treeby

Workplace Learning/VET: Jessica Masson

Work Ready: Sarah Jennings

Work Ready/KEFL: Peter Treeby

KSALS: Jason Armstrong

Engagement Year 9/10: Cas Rawlins

Secondary Specialist: Libby Elphick

Learning Support:

East Kimberley Clontarf Academy: Cameron Jackson (Junior), Lane Mandin (Senior)

Follow the Dream: Emma Abbott

Shooting Stars Kununurra: Sara Ripps, Quincy Gore Birch