Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care provided by our teachers ensures your child is given a feeling of belonging, support to develop a positive self-image and help to manage the successes and disappointments in their lives.

This pastoral care is strengthened further by the schools’ student services team across primary and secondary school, supporting students physical, social, intellectual and emotional development through strong relationships with students and partnerships between school, parents and community.

Student Services

The Student Services team is dedicated to the task of assisting with the development of our wonderful young men and women into socially and economically viable citizens able to contribute in a meaningful way to their local community. The team recognises that in order to achieve this, students require support in a range of areas including pastoral care, attendance and from time to time assistance in regulating behaviour and emotions.

Supports provided by Student Services include the provision of counselling services, small group interventions and the formulation and implementation of a range of support plans aimed at assisting students with identified needs. The team also  organises and runs bi-termly Rewards Activities aimed at celebrating and recognising student retention of their Good Standing status.

The team consists of a Program Co-ordinator, Deputy Principals, Year Co-Ordinators, School Psychologist, Chaplain, School Based Attendance Officer and clerical support.


The local churches of Kununurra generously support two YouthCARE chaplains at East Kimberley College. Chaplains work within the school as part of the student services team and care for the social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of students, families and staff. This support helps students achieve their potential both academically and in their social and family lives.  Chaplains have a pastoral care role which sees them support the school community through a wide variety of activities including one to one meetings, class visits, mentoring projects, targeted programs and practical support.


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Contact Information

Mr Brett Kipling

Lead School Psychologist


0476 839 828