Principal: Kate Wilson

Associate Principal:  Matt Dowell (Secondary)
Associate Principal:  Cathie Bonner (Primary)

Deputy Principal: Shaun Josephs (PP/1/2)
Deputy Principal: Michelle McKittrick (Years 3/4/5)
Deputy Principal: Beth Van den Ham (Years 6/7)
Deputy Principal:  Position to be filled (Years 8/9/10 & VET)

Senior School Co-ordinator: Kellie Jackson(11/12)

Student Services Program Coordinator: Geoff Burrows

Chaplains: Kim Moore and Linda Sunderland

School Psychologists: Penny Angwin and Melissah Adams

Head of Mathematics & Science: Anna Burrows
Head of Humanities: Lisa Clark

Our Primary Teaching Staff are as follows:

KindiLink, Kindy (Blue Joeys): Lyn D’Ath

Kindy (Blue Geckoes): Sara Smith

Kindy (Red Joeys): Kyna Cookson

Kindy/Pre-Primary: Lisa McArthur

Pre-Primary (ECE 6): Sally Bin Omar

Pre-Primary (ECE 7): Robyn Popham

Pre-Primary (ECE 8): Mylie Jeffery

Year 1 (Room 10): Nadine Maher

Year 1 (Room 3): Sam Mason

Year 1 (Room 4): Alice Kelly

Year’s 1/2 (Room 2): Larissa Herring

Year’s 1/2 (Room 1): Leanne King

Year 2 (Room 7): Danielle Cordony

Year 2 (Room 8): Maree Heidke and Tegan Wilkins

Year 3 (Room 5): Imogen Driscoll

Year 3 (Room 6): Kellie Symonds

Year 3 (Room 13): Sophie McLean

Year 3 (Room 14):  Lara Walshe

Year 4 (Room 12): Arianne Farr

Year 4 (Room 11): Kiara Ganzer

Year 4 (Room 22): Jeanette Ishigushi

Year 4/5 (Room 15): Andrea Henriques

Year 5 (Room 17): Courtney McFarlane

Year 5 (Room 18): Emma Lutz

Year 5/6 (Room 16): Hannah Bevan

Year 5/6 (Room 19): David Wheatfill

Year 6 (Room 21): Cassie Rothe

Year 6 (Room 20): Denise Sharman

Student Services: Sonia Hunter

Literacy Specialist: Sara Smith

Maths Specialist: Sam Jolly

Art: Katrina Boshammer

Music: Jenny Pufke

LOTE: Kylie Schubert

Physical Education: Erin Whiticker

Digital Technologies: Tim Johnstone

Pre-Primary DOTT: Emily Ross

PEAC: Rebecca Bell

Our Secondary teaching staff are as follows:

Media: Rebecca Allen

Music: Shanine Farley

Art: Danae Burbank

English: Lisa Clark, Amy Roberts, Marilyn Ball and Courtney Hanson

Health & Physical Education: Maddie Clark, Jesse Knapp, Matt Stubbs and Evonne Brown

Mathematics: Courtney Riches, Keeley Palmer, Anna Burrows and Lee-Anne Schiller

Science: Anna Burrows, Orin Casey, Aaron Morton and Jasmine English

HaSS: Anita Lloyd and Grant Hewson

Home Economics: Sandra Graham

ICT: Shane Nash

Design & Technology: Vic Lundy

KEFL: Claire Piesse

Workplace Learning: Libuse Dessert

Work Ready: Claire French and Lara Knight

Follow the Dream: Nicola Angell

Girls Academy: Sara Ripps

KSALS: Devon Seymour

Special Program Coordinator: Sheree Lethbridge

YES: Julia Perkins and Cate Dwyer