Student Behaviour

Student Behaviour

The East Kimberley College (EKC) priorities are:


  • Priority 1 – Academic Rigour and Successful Student Pathways;
  • Priority 2 – High Standards of Engagement, Attendance and Behaviour;
  • Priority 3 – Excellence in Professional Practice; and
  • Priority 4 – Community Pride and Perception.

We are working towards clarity and consistency in the approaches across the School. The introduction of Explicit Instruction in 2011 as an underpinning approach in the School is designed to support students to learn in a safe, structured environment. There are many links between this type of approach and positive behaviour outcomes. A key objective of any school-wide approach is to create a supportive culture and a sense of belonging for students, staff and community through familiarity.

The EKC school-wide approach to positive behaviour is based on the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), an evidence-based approach to building school behaviour frameworks. This approach shifts the focus to the behaviours we want to have in our school with clear expectations and encourages everyone to contribute to our School in a positive way.

The current school-wide goals are:


  • Create a safe, positive school culture for all students;
  • School-wide consistency in how behaviours are taught, reinforced and responded to;
  • Explicit teaching and reinforcement of positive behaviours;
  • Re-teaching when behaviours are challenging; and
  • Clear levels or tiers of support to learn positive behaviours.

East Kimberley College Secondary Student

Behaviour expectations of our students are:



  • Come prepared for lessons;
  • Dress appropriately;
  • Work carefully.



  • Follow staff instructions’
  • Accept consequences for my behaviour;
  • Actively participate;
  • Do my best;
  • Care for school property and resources.



  • Listen actively;
  • Use encouraging, polite and kind words.



  • Use self control;
  • Keep body and objects to myself.