22 July 2022

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Welcome to Term 3, Week 1

Welcome to Term 3, Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have welcomed back many students to Semester 2 this week and hope to see those who have not returned coming back next week.

This term we have welcomed the following new teachers to our staff:

  • Kelly Mandin in Secondary HASS
  • Sarah Jennings in Secondary English and Engagement Pathways
  • James Armstrong in Secondary Engagement Pathways
  • Toni Rathe in Primary Art
  • Shirlee Webb will continue in both Primary Science and commence in Secondary English
  • Melina Johnson will be a new Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker in Early Years

We had to make ongoing adjustments to our staffing this week to accommodate staff on leave.

  • In secondary that has meant that a smaller number of classes have had a relief teacher.
  • In Primary the changes affected more classes with relief teachers in Room 1 – Julie Walker (Monday to Thursday), Room 6 – Jayne Fidock, Room 22- Erin Treeby (Monday only), and Kindy on Thursday will be taken by Linda Waideman from Kindilink and Friday will be taken by Emily Hamilton. In addition, some other classes have been split into same year level classes, those affected are Room 13 Ms Lauren, Room 22 Mrs Conor, and Room 1 Ms Hendriques on Friday.

Our Primary leadership team were also affected by staff leave this week. The team this week was: Michelle McKittrick and Megan McIntyre.

Fortunately for our students our teacher shave shared curriculum programs for each year level and are using the same instructional approaches in the classroom to ensure continuity of learning.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support of our College.


Learne Dunne

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