Student Council

East Kimberley College Student Council is elected by the student body each year and consists of students from year 6 through to year 12. There are eight year 6 Councillors and three Councillors from each year group in secondary school (7-12). The group is led by the School Captains from Year 12 and represents students by raising student issues within the school, facilitating fundraising and student activities, supporting community events such as ANZAC and Remembrance ceremonies and being involved in self-development through leadership opportunities, workshops and camps.

Councillors have an important leadership and student representative role at East Kimberley College and are role models for the student body. The council meets weekly to plan, discuss and implement council projects.


YEAR 6: Tom Berger, Jailyn Brown, Beau Donovan, Joshua Gore-Birch, Christopher Lapsley, Zyequarn Skeen, Makaveli Woodley

YEAR 7: Wes Clark, Clare Davey, Tomiets Kabilu

YEAR 8: Eliza Bishop, Sorell Diddams

YEAR 9: Roxy Bohn, Eli McChesney

YEAR 10: Molly Dietrich, Jess Anders, Madison Moore

YEAR 11: Lauren Clark, Grace English, Alvin Thomas

YEAR 12 CAPTAINS: Zi Wei Luu and Nathan Moore