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Connect – How to Use

Connect – How to Use

Connect – Secondary School

Connect is an integrated online environment for secondary school families which has been developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. Your secure login details to Connect include a P-number and Password which is emailed to you by the College.


To assist you with using Connect, please refer to the following documents:

Connect Step-by-Step Guide for Parents

Connect Quick Guide for Parents

Connect Student Reports Flyer

Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Connect – Primary School

EKC Primary School is now using Connect as a way to directly connect parents and teachers. You can follow these steps to setup your account.

Navigating your child’s Connect page


Once you have successfully logged in to Connect your child will be able to access resources for Learning at Home.

Need help: Watch this video from Mr Walker Room 16, to help you and your child use Connect at home.