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Parents and Citizens’ Association

Parents and Citizens’ Association

2023 Elected P&C Committee

President:                            Mark Coventry
Vice President:                    Merridith Robinson
Secretary:                            Kim Moore
Treasurer:                            Katrina Jowlett
Exec members:                   Sharne Vanderplank | Hanneke Schoe | Mistie Purdy
School Board Rep:              Paula Cooney
Ex-Officio Member:            Learne Dunne
General Committee:           Susan Coventry | Jodie Cripps | Kristine Oleinik | Ashleigh Wood

The P&C provides an opportunity for all parents and citizens to learn about the educational programs in the school, and support the provision of amenities. We recognise and appreciate the need for teachers and parents to work together and to do all we can to facilitate children’s learning. Involved parents can work to ensure the school provides the best possible education programs to our children.


Funds are raised through the operation of the East Kimberley College P&C school canteen. All profits are distributed by the P&C to provide much needed extra amenities at our school for the benefit of our children’s education.


The P&C meets twice per term at 5.30pm. Please come along, everyone is welcome. New members are always valued at our school P&C.

Contact details

KDHS PandC Secretary pandcsecr@gmail.com
KDHS Canteen kdhscanteen@gmail.com


Thank you to our outgoing committee and we look forward to another successful year.


The P&C are always looking for new members and encourage parents, teachers, EA’s and any community member with an interest in the school to join.


  • Did you know that with over 900 students at East Kimberley College, the P&C only have 12 members on its committee?
  • Did you know the P&C run the School Canteen?
  • Did you know that the P&C funded over $35,000 over the past 2 years, to school projects?
  • Did you know that we only have TWO meetings per term? That’s 8 meetings a year.
  • Did you know that the school principal, attends all meetings so it’s a great way to keep up to date on what’s going on at school and ask questions?
  • Did you know it only costs $1 per year to join the P&C committee?
  • For more information head to our Facebook page ‘East Kimberley College P&C Association inc’
2021 Colour Run

Nature Play update


The intention of the playgrounds is for children to have free play at recess and lunch, and for teachers to schedule class time in the playground. In addition it will provide a calming space for any students to visit that may be having a difficult day.


EKC and P&C started planning two nature playgrounds in 2017, with the P&C paying for Vanessa from MudMaps Broome to consult with us and create two plans. Our ECE plan is final and includes amazing water play facilities. Water play is already a big part of the day in ECE, particularly in Term 4 with this lovely heat wave. However our Year 1/2 plan needs review as the original chosen location is no longer suitable.