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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Dawang miljib-gerring

The place for teaching and learning

East Kimberley College Primary

Our Vision

A school of choice, empowering students to succeed.

Seek ~ Strive ~ Achieve ~ Believe

Our Values

Woonjoo ngenemiyandayin ngayoowany
I look after myself

Jama ngenandayin
I am ready to learn

Ngoondeb ranggab ngenandayin
I listen

Yawoorroong woonjoo yirremiyandayin
We look after each other

Our Targets

  • Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classrooms meet the national standard.
  • Distribution of students with A, B and C grades is similar or better than Like Schools.
  • School average NAPLAN achievement is similar or better than Like Schools.
  • Culturally responsive teaching, leadership and relationships.
  • Over 600 students attending regularly.
  • More students in Years 5-12 feeling connected to teachers and peers, being able to make friends and manage relationship challenges.
  • More students achieving Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) by Year 12.
  • More students staying at school between Year 7 and 12, or leaving with approved full-time employment or training.
  • More students attaining a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) or Certificate II.
East Kimberley College Secondary Student

Our Strategies

  • A range of early years teaching approaches and improved outdoor learning environments.
    Assessment data is analysed and discussed.
  • Consistency and rigour using direct and explicit instruction.
  • Personalised student planning.
  • Tracking student learning and personalising pathways from Year 9 to 12.
  • Students and staff with information and communications technology (ICT) capabilities and use of ICT to personalise learning.
  • Teachers, Education Assistants and Aboriginal and Islander Education Workers learning, planning, and teaching together.
  • Co-designed school and community responses to improve attendance.
  • School wide practices and procedures for health, wellbeing and behaviour support.
  • School wide engagement and ready to learn programs and practices.
  • Strong Kindilink program that connects families with schooling.
  • Seeking and listening to student and family and community feedback.
  • Student and family voice in personalised plans.
  • Co-designed school and community responses to health and wellbeing.
  • Miriwoong language and culture programs from Kindergarten to Year 8.
  • Culturally responsive leadership programs, opportunities, and teams.
  • Workplace mentoring, employment and training pathways in local industries, and career opportunities for young people.