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Kimberley Schools Project

Kimberley Schools Project

The Kimberley Schools Project (KSP) is a collaboration between the Department of Education, Catholic Education Western Australia, the Association of Independent Schools Western Australia and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. It provides $25 million of Royalties for Regions funding over three years (2018 – 2020) to accelerate and intensify new and existing strategies to address low education outcomes in the Kimberley, underpinning broader economic and social development in the region.


The KSP comprises four integrated ‘pillars’ of activity listed below and is further elaborated in its Program Logic.

  • Targeted teaching: evidence-based literacy teaching strategies and quality materials with frequent measurement of progress to inform planning and delivery.
  • Better early years learning and care: community co-design initiatives that build on and improve existing services, and engage families as first teachers.
  • Regular attendance: community partnerships to deliver strategies that aim to resolve issues of non-attendance in particular communities.
  • Increased student and community engagement: co-designed community initiatives that build positive relationships between the school and the community.



Mrs Mason Year 1, Let’s Decode
Mrs Heidke, Year 2 Daily Review: Checking for Understanding

Implementation of the above pillars will be enabled through inter-agency collaboration, leadership and, as per the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework, positive, deep-rooted behaviours, attitudes and practices that lead to:

  • culturally responsive leadership;
  • leadership focused on improving outcomes for all students;
  • teaching with high expectations and in ways that enable children to realise their full potential;
  • a learning environment that is welcoming for students and reflects community expectations for their children.

Teachers from Kindergarten to Year 2 have undertaken intensive Professional Learning (PL) in Targeted Teaching to improve their pedagogy.

East Kimberley College (EKC) have partnered with Kimberley Schools Project (KSP) to empower school communities by strengthening education across the Kimberley.  Being a part of 22 schools in the KSP, here at the College, we have adopted the explicit instruction approach into everyday practice. With shoulder-to-shoulder coaching from KSP coaches, Targeted Teaching has been paramount in bringing change and improvement to EKC.

Ms Courtney, Year 5 Vocabulary and Daily Review: Synonyms and Antonyms
Ms Henriques Year 4 Daily Review: Kung Fu Punctuation

Teachers from Years 3-6 have also undertaken PL and coaching to upskill as well. Targeted Teaching involves the delivery of Let’s Decode, Explicit Instruction and Daily Review. Through observation and instructional feedback, teachers can reflect on their own practice for self-improvement which ultimately attains the goals of students improvement.

KSP has also included further development in a 0-3 Program through Kindi-Link.

This project puts EKC in a good position to drive long-term generational change in the region and become a school pinnacle of the East Kimberley, ensuring the longevity of making EKC the school of choice.

Contact Information

Emma Anderson, Program Coordinator

Phone: 9168 4400 |Mobile: 0436 818 495



Aleesha Hoskins, Program Coordinator

Phone: 9168 4400 | Mobile: 0436 806 186